Trill Wine Wife

Sacrificed, Hustled, Paid the Price – Nipsey Hustle – 6,000 follower mindset!!

I don’t usually do the cheesy, boring, repetitive types of wording in posts. I like to be myself. If and when you do meet me in person you would know that I write how I speak. The way that I am is the way that I am and it won’t change.

My page has grown and superseded my expectations – I used to think small minded clearly! ( I need to do better with that) This page has made me think differently, feel differently & be different in the wine community. I have learned from many good and bad situations but continue to learn daily. My brand has put me in a position to become knowledgeable about wine in a way, I never thought I could. Having your own swag and personality sets you apart from others. I don’t take dry ass pictures holding a bottle, I am not good with fake smiling and stunting for the gram, I rarely dress up, doing IG lives makes me nervous, I take pictures literally seconds before posting and I’m not a good planner in the social media world. That’s what makes me authentic and what we call TRILL. I have mentors, scholarships, certifications, followers, friends, fans and haters…. I embrace them all. I have stepped up my goals and created a list of ideas and levels that I want to be at by this time next year.

Now that I have your attention – I have been accepted into a industry that doesn’t easily take in diversity and new ways of learning and speaking about wine…. But guess what?!!! I’m here…. I’m staying and before you know it when you think of people in wine…. I will be one of them….

Keep thriving
Keep striving
Keep elevating
Keep leveling up…
Never stop learning and Never give up…. Trust me it’s only up from here!!!

What a time to be Alive!!! Muthafuckin Cheers….. Next – Pass this damn CSW

– Meg
Like, Comment, Sip, Savor
Sip Heavy – Stay Trill